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I'm Kristen, welcome here!

I am a creative female, a Christian, and a barista. I love my family (check out my sisters' blogs here and here!). I also love coffee, tea, and my husband, Jordon, is pretty neat as well.

Why do I blog? I love pretty things, making them and finding them. I believe everything beautiful should be shared. I don't like mushrooms, cats, or lactose. Garage sales and thrift stores are places I find very fun. Spray paint can fix any frame, lamp or old piece of furniture. A pretty necklace can fix any outfit. I am a large fan of recycling. I am lost without creating.

Basically, my blog, Summer Sets In, is where I like to share crafty inspiration, both mine and others.

I have had many ask about the name of my blog, and it is NOT because I live in a place where it is summer all the time. definitely not. I actually just happen to enjoy summer, and when I think of summer, I think happy, sunny thoughts. I am an extremely optimistic person, it's practically set in my soul.

That, and it's a line from a Feist song, 'Gatekeeper', one of my favourites.

Want to see more of what interests me?

Check out my Pinterest inspiration boards here.

Have any questions? Email me at

A red balloon, a floral dress or a tree in full leaf, they all can be inspiration. What inspires you?

(photo credit: Erin)

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