Monday, May 2, 2011


It's election day in Canada, and the results are in, it's a majority Conservative government. Congrats goes out to Stephen! I'll admit, I'm not really in the know with political matters, in my own country or in others, but I do love fashion. And I do think that Jackie Kennedy was one fashionable lady. Oh dear, that makes me sound terribly stupid - politics, no, but fashion, yes? I promise, I do enjoy things besides fashion, crafting and design!

But in regards to crafting, today I helped my mom with some her projects! A lemon yellow chair, and a soon to be modernized secretary desk! I'll feature pictures as soon as they're finished! I'm extremely excited to share!

Also, I found a really cute site for children's clothes! Misha Lulu combines patterns in such a fun way! The three featured collections right now make me want to be that really cool aunt who buys fun clothes for her nieces. Not really an option right now, but ah well, such is life.

Here's a photo of the fine Lady Kennedy relaxing a few weeks after her husband was elected President in the United States. What class!

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