Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello Menno.

Okay, anyone in the blogging world know what I'm talking about when i say Rollkuchen, faspa or meddachschlop? These are sunday afternoon staples amoung mennonites. If you're wondering what Rollkuchen and faspa are, check out this fantastic recipe blog.

Something us menno's are also known for is thrifting! Something I'm extremely proud of. (I probably thrift more than I actually say meddachschlop..I had to google how to spell it).

Yesterday, before work, my mom and I took a trip to the local MCC store to do some thrifting of our own. If you haven't heard of MCC, take a look here. All the proceeds from the thrift stores go towards making peace near and far. On the site you can see a sample of the goodies at the thrift stores, organized into colours! I scrolled through it a few times. You should too.

I came back with quite a few goodies! Here are my favourites!

These fabrics reminded me of the lovely patterns Rachel has in her house over at Smile and Wave. MCC, friends! 40 cents a pillowcase!

I found this cute little apron for two dollars. I suppose I could have been craftier and made a pillowcase apron for about 80 cents, but it was so cute, I made the two dollar splurge! I don't cook much, so perhaps I'll just wear it as a skirt... (kidding. don't worry!).

I also came back with some 10 cent frames, lots of vases, and a few other little trinkets! MCC, you and I are best buds. Let's hang out again soon.

Any thrifting finds for you this weekend?

I have some lovely furniture re-do's coming up! Stay tuned!



  1. Yess! Aprons! I love them! I'm going to have to take a pictures of mine sometime and post them

  2. i need some aprons i make mess whilst cooking haha. and you look so cute!