Thursday, August 11, 2011

Awkward and Awesome.

It's thursday again, and I have been a lazy blogger this week! Many bloggers apologize for this, but I was with my family, so I'm not going to apologize, I will just ask that you'd keep coming back and reading!

-two people calling in sick today at work. I am very sorry they are sick, but it made for a very interesting day over at Starbucks. Oh no... you didn't just order 13 drinks for the office!!
-Not so much awkward as sad, but I only have TWO WEEKS left of markouts. that means I have to buy coffee and tea after this. Who does that.
-Clouds rolling in and deciding not to do anything. If you're going to take the sun away, at least sprinkle a bit!

-naps and showers. in that order.
-"Hands" by Young Man. Head on over to Noisetrade for a free album by Young Man! Just discovered them today!
-I go back to school in two weeks!! I get to decorate a blank slate of a dorm room! And am getting more excited by the second!

Summer is still present. Which makes me so happy! I hate even the thought of winter. This photo from Twigs and Honey is a lovely representation of enjoying summer for me.

I have photo-size-inconsistency problems on my blog. I need help!



  1. haha I think I have photo size inconsistency as well but eh, whatever. Naps and showers.. yep. Good things.

  2. That photo is beautiful! Love the colors

  3. That's a gorgeous photo!! and have imagining things for your dorm-that was always my favorite part!!