Saturday, October 22, 2011

A little place to stay...Cafe.

My weekend has been consumed by the Cafe I have the opportunity to volunteer in. It sustains my espresso-beverage-crafting needs after my wonderful job this summer. I loved my job, but don't want to cheat on it..but I enjoy making beverages here better! Probably because I actually like the coffee we use. We use Land of a Thousand Hills, which is a wonderful cause if you haven't heard of it! Check it out here. And I get to actually put care into making my beverages using a La San Marco instead of pumping them through like burgers. It's really just an enjoyable thing here at my college! 

The only downside? We don't have a permanent place yet. We have to set up nearly every single weekend in a classroom. Pretty good transformation for a classroom hey? We have a great committee who puts their heart and soul into this Cafe, they're the best! But maybe someday, when the legacy of Cafe lives on through the freshmen of next year, Cafe will finally get a place of its own! 

That's Jordon working hard in the second picture by the way. 

He's neat.

and plaid. 

so cool.

Isn't our little Cafe just the nicest? It holds a dear place in my heart.



  1. Such a fun initiative! I'm glad you enjoy doing this :) If I lived closer, I'd stop by for a coffee ;) x

  2. i love it when you find a cafe that just FITS. i found one this week and was already writing the blog about it in my head the minute i stepped in the door. it's like a cozy little "other home."