Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'll be Home for Christmas {2}

I'm home! I'm home for Christmas, and oh it feels so nice! Exams are done. Papers are handed in, and my third semester of Bible college is finished. The other day I thought about how quick it's flying by, but other days it feels like I've been there a lifetime! I'm enjoying my second year, but very excited for the next stages of life as well. 

In other news, I think my camera broke. It won't take pictures. Now, if you've seen my photos before, you'll know it didn't produce top notch snaps, but it was very good to me, for multiple years. That's put me at quite a loss, being a poor college student and a blogger. It's a rough life I tell you (anyone seen those first world problem videos? funny). Good ol' photo booth delivers today.

I love my family's Christmas tree. We are one of those families that gets a REAL Christmas tree. I am so thankful for it every year. That smell, the way it's a different shape and height every year. So unique! I'm so happy to be home, sitting around the Christmas tree. I wrapped some gifts today, drank a delicious chai tea latte made by Jordon, then he showed me that the mandolin is tuned the same as a violin, so I attempted it. Such a lovely day! 

Christmas is coming! and I finally get to focus on it! 



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  1. i LOVE the smell of new, fresh christmas trees! it definitely sets the christmas spirit!
    xo TJ