Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today was a day for thrifting. My sister and I went to a new thrift store, and we both agreed, it didn't live up to our favourite one! This one was extremely neat and well-organized, but half the fun is searching through all the knicks and knacks to find that 25 cent treasure. I love a thrift store packed full of stuff. Packed right to the ceiling!

What do you think? What is the best kind of thrift store?

Here are my finds (bottom to top):

1. A delicate green and pink floral
2. A vintage flour sack - Robin Hood flour
3. A pink/coral blend
4. Another green floral...really couldn't pass it up.
5. Pink and white diagonal pattern
6. A cute creamer - I love the teardrop colours!

This top might be a fun project for spring with one of the pink fabrics.

Maybe I'll try this skirt with one of the florals in a few months.

My mind seems to be looking forward to spring! Probably because Jenni and I drove home in the rain today. Rain in January! Very strange for around here. 

What did your Thursday bring?


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