Wednesday, March 14, 2012


No more hiding indoors while the cold weather takes its toll - spring has come! I say that now, but I know that weather around here is too unpredictable to really know for sure. Could be a blizzard in two months, who really knows! 

Look at those flowers bloom!

(Just kidding, this flower is indoors...)

The puddles are so muddy, but it gives hope! All that muddy water used to be snow!

Are those buds I see, trying so hard to peek out? Even if my imagination is getting the better of me, look at that blue sky! Magnificent!

And what makes a lovely spring day even more lovely? Getting things in the mail! My friends and I ordered fabric and wallpaper samples from Abigail Borg because they are just so beautiful! Her designs  just make me think 'Spring'! See more samples here. Thanks Abigail Borg!

What makes you think spring?


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