Friday, March 2, 2012

Transitioning seasons.

Sometimes one must endure the inside light, and take indoor photos. It's march, and it's been snowing intermittently for days! I'm longing for spring.

I figured out why I love the colour mustard so much. It's because when I was younger, I was told I can't wear yellow. The solution in my mind: wear mustard.

awkward neck kink.

The outfit was quite busy with patterns and colours, so I paired it with simple gold earrings. 

I got the inspiration for this outfit here.

What's your transition outfit for winter to spring?



  1. Love the tights and your shoes. The whole outfit really! hahah

  2. The tights are really cute and are a lovely and soft color"

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  3. it's amazing how versatile mustard tights are. i see everyone wearing them in different ways. although i've never tried, i like it!