Monday, April 2, 2012


Hello there! During a hard, but good weekend of remembering the life of my wonderful Grandpa, I got to spend time with my family. Here's a few scenes from our weekend.

In addition, I'm starting a new Monday series. I read lots of posts on the weekend and am inspired by so much! On mondays, I'm going to try and round up some of my favourite things I've come across and give you links to peruse. Because you don't just like reading my blog, you like reading lots of blogs! Your job comes in by letting me know which links you like. Here's week one of:

Here's a cute way to make four petal flowers from Martha.

Set your dinner table handsomely, thanks to Design Pad.

This closet is a fantastic use of space! at Smile and Wave.

Silk scarves are light and pretty for spring. Here's ten ways to wear them from a Beautiful Mess.

These cute monthly calendar's from istockphoto.

This fantastic loft space! at theSteward.


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