Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Road Trip {No.1}

Oh this blog feels like a foreign place! It's a late night for me, but here's what I've accomplished since you've heard from me last:

I finished exams.
I graduated.
I said goodbye to many friends.
Packed up my things in boxes, moved it home.
I hopped in a car with many friends.
I travelled and saw five states in two days.

And now I've settled in Arizona for the week!

-cactus number three spotted along the road coming into Nevada today-

So tell me, what are the best things to do in Arizona? Or any other western states for that matter! I have to go back home, so tell me the things I MUST see! I've already seen more of the states than I ever have, and am thankful I was able to! Give me the local details, the things no one would ever put in a tourist book, but are necessary for the ultimate post-college road trip!

I'll keep the blog updated as best I can, I'm excited to see what lovely things I come across these next few weeks!

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