Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Peruse is a day late this week. Thanks to a lovely flu that decided to hit me the week I am trying to move in, start a new job, and enjoy the sun that finally came! Ah well, I'm on the mend! Here's this weeks links to peruse through!

This house tour is fantastic! This lovely lady from Making It Lovely knows how to decorate. My favourites are probably her living room and bedroom. Which ones strike your fancy?

I don't have any birthday parties to plan, but if I did, it would be like this one from Cakies! Maybe spoil my future niece or nephew?

Now that I'm starting to settle in, maybe I'll have time to craft! I think making a something herringbone will be on the top of my list. Perhaps with a stamp like this from A Beautiful Mess

Also from A Beautiful Mess, a few tips on adding plants. I know plants are tricky, cause they can look tacky, but here are some neat ways to display them, and some extremely interesting ways to grow them! I happen to like plants indoors, maybe I'll try them out. 

I don't remember if I've talked about these before, but these sunglasses from Tumbleweeds on Etsy are just so wonderful! I just bought new (cheap) sunglasses, but if I had some extra cash, this is where it would be going!

Hope these links give you something lovely to peruse over this week! Does your week bring a birthday party, craft, or sunshine?


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