Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Project Inspiration.

I went to Michael's craft store today and spent under $10! So proud of myself. Do you ever go into a store, no list, just looking to buy some super great things at super low prices? I love doing that every once in a while. Not at all budget conscious! I think the trick is to set a budget for the outing BEFORE hand. I didn't do so this time, but as I stood at the till, I quickly tallied up all my finds and was pleasantly surprised! Even more surprised that my math was correct when she rang them in. $9.52! And the inspiration is flowing!

What's your opinion? With these supplies:

What kind of projects would you embark on?

The possibilities are endless!



  1. I would probably make confetti out of the circle punch, put it all in a vellum envelope, tape it to the fridge with the magnetic tape, and stamp the date with one of the inks <3

  2. Would you believe me if I told you i have NEVER been into a store that only sells crafty things! There's one not so far from here, and eventhough I've been to drawing school, I never went in there! x

    1. you need to go! It's so inspirational being only around craft supplies!