Thursday, November 8, 2012


Today I am savouring my day off. Like a good book. Like one of those last summer weather kind of days. Like the last bite of a chewy brownie. It's being savoured.

Brunch with someone handsome, wandered Christmas aisles in the stores, went for a relaxing massage, and a pot full of apple cider while catching early holiday cheer with my roommates. Could I ask for anything more? So thankful for such a marvellous day. 

We may be decorating a tad early. THOUGH, I'm Canadian, so thanksgiving has already happened. What else is there, really? We're not crazy...Our rationale is that we all go home for Christmas, we have to enjoy our house decorated for a while at least!

What's your day to decorate for Christmas? When is too early?


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  1. I've seen the first christmas trees here too! We're not setting up ours before the 6th of December :) on that day we celebrate St Nicholas, he brings gifts for the little children, and we can't offend him, can we? ^^ x