Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Gift Guide {Part 1}

Happy December!
My absence is only because I have been holiday cucooning. Obviously. 

This year, I seem to keep thinking of more gifts I would like to get those around me! Somehow they keep adding up. Good thing I've already started. But if you haven't, don't fret! 
Here is Summer Sets In Holiday gift guide: Part One!

Post it notes can be tacky...who am I kidding, i LOVE using sticky notes. anywhere. anytime.
But for those who don't share my feelings for the ultimate organizer, here's a more fashion forward option. Wear your sticky notes, and never forget anything again!

Find it on amazon for less than $20.

This gift is for the photographer in your life. Or if you're the photographer, recycle an old lens!

A little silly, some might think, but it might just make someone's Christmas morning.

Need to send a gift to someone far away? Carve them a Christmas postcard!

Buy it here.

Hope that helps with your Christmas shopping! Where do you like to buy gifts?



  1. That mug is too awesome, haha. Thoigh, I'm more of a Nikon Girl :D x

  2. Carving your own card looks pretty cool!! =)

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