Monday, February 25, 2013

Beverage of Choice.

Coffee is a large part of life. Not only am I a barista, but so is Jordon. It's a job that I enjoy, but for him, it's definitely a way of life. Needless to say, I am surrounded by quality coffee constantly. Whether it's making myself a macchiato at work, visiting Jordon at work, enjoying a beverage from his home espresso bar, or going out for coffee, I am immersed in this delicious beverage! 

I love seeing new coffee shops around the globe. One day I plan to see a new shop opened by my fiancee, but for today, here's one I'd like to visit. 

I came across Caffe Streets when reading A Beautiful Mess blog. Chicago is a city I would like to visit, and I think this place would be on my list.  

Beautiful woods, quality presentation, and they like to educate their customers as well. I support that!

And just because I like the shop I work at too, here's some beautiful photos a local photographer took on the first day back open of while we were working. The space was just redone, and it's a wonderful!

 Are you a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur? I am learning lots, and love touring coffee shops with Jordon. He's the guy who should be writing this post...stay tuned for a possible follow up guest-post by the coffee man himself!

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