Friday, April 9, 2010

New from Old Buttons

Inspiration seems to come from many things. Incredibly artsy sisters, crafty websites, Ready Made magazine...but sometimes, when you just can't fall asleep from all these creative things floating around in your head, ideas come at one in the morning, and you have to turn on your light, and write them down because they seem so exciting!

Then you wake up.

Those ideas don't seem to be all that incredible anymore, but, with a day off, why not try them anyway? Here's another attempt at buttons and brads re done into something a little more colorful!

The Supplies:
-any size of brad
-an old, not so pretty button
-a piece of cotton
-a small square of ribbon or fabric

Trim off anything sticking out on the other side of the button, then fasten the brad to the back side of it(I used hot glue, i'm sure there's something better though)

Fasten the piece of cotton on top of the button, then start wrapping and gluing the ribbon or fabric square around it. I folded it over and glued it circle style. Trim off any excess fabric as needed.

The finished projects! i found thinner sheer fabric (the green) worked better than thick ribbon (the polka-dotted)

My favorite outcome of the project!


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