Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Crafting Hunt -Part Two

The Garage Sale Crafting Hunt was a success!

I recorded at least 12 different garage sales in my new favourite little blue notebook:

but we found lots of other ones I hadn't recorded along the way as well.

I found a lovely vintage looking suitcase! It does smell a little musty, but thankfully, it's summer, so I've been letting it air out a bit outside, and it seems to have helped.

At the first garage sale we stopped at, we found some really neat looking light switch covers. I think they have extreme potential. I might paint them, I might not. I think the one that has the white showing, I will paint, but maybe not the others.

I found this really neat mirror, that i found out wasn't actually for sale, but she let me purchase it anyway!

Jordon found this 70's looking clock, and an Elton John record. Underneath that, there is a frame that I'm going to use to make a neat jewelry holder!

Here's the Threadbanger video that I got the idea for the jewelry holder from. I think this frame will work perfectly!


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