Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wall Art...Simple, yet Effective

Wall Art..the window to one's soul. What is displayed on one's wall is said to be the emotions and life of an artist set free - i'm sure someone said it anyway.

I worked on this project quite a while ago, a birthday present in fact. I always have liked the idea of making gifts rather than buying them. So unique and personal! Rarely do I actually have an idea that is gift-giving material. I was flipping through a ReadyMade magazine and saw an ad with something similar to my project, but i added and tweaked a few things. This one is super simple to make, but I think turned out pretty well if you're wanting a modern look.

Here's how I did it.

1. Purchase two white canvases- I think these were from michaels. Dollarama even has some!

2. Begin taping off lines in different tree like shapes, or really, whatever shapes you like, with painter's tape.
I cut the strips of tape into three different sizes and used them interchangeably

3. Paint in between the tape..self explanatory. I started with greys and browns and merged into reds on the other side of the canvas.

(You can peel off the tape whenever really. These paints were very fast drying acrylics and i was limited on tape, so i peeled it off as i went and re-used it. Go green!)

4. Do the same for the second canvas. I switched up the colour order.

5. Add something for dramatic effect if desired. I added grass. dramatic? yes. effective? oh definitely.

The lovely finished eventually go on a wall, not the floor.

So spice up your walls! Get some canvases, tape, and paint, and create the simplest pieces of wall art ever!


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