Sunday, July 11, 2010

Necklaces, necklaces, where for art thou?

An adorment of loveliness. An accent to a perfectly put together outfit. A plethora of be-jewled accentuation. What am I talking about? Jewelry, or in fact, necklaces. I have come to love necklaces in the past while. For quite some time, I will admit, I was addicted to the freeing loose personality of scarves. It seems, as time goes on, I still adore scarves, but my scarf season has started to dwindle off, and my necklace season is in full swing. (And no, my necklaces don't always swing, they're usually quite static, it's simply an expression).

So, as of late, my season of necklaces has been encouraged by days of sitting around, my imagination quite an avid participant in this adventure. I have taken inspiration from my sister, who also creates necklaces, and decided to create some for myself. Taking charms from this place and that, from on-sale earrings, to specialty bead stores, to creating some of my own.

And now, ladies and gentleman, presenting, Kristen's attempt at jewelry!

I found this ring at a vintage clothing store in Victoria, but it was too big for my finger, (i was careless when i bought it and had tried it on super quickly), so why not wear it on a necklace?

And my latest attempt at jewelry...


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