Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Off the Loom

I think pretty fabrics are the beginning of all things good. Yesterday, I went on a 'crafty morning shopping trip' with the eldest of my 3 sisters. Now this wasn't just any shopping trip, this was a crafty shopping trip where I don't spend any more than i have to! No regular priced items, no top-of-the-line items- this was the shopping trip of a soon to be college girl.

Stop Number One
Our first stop, Dollar Giant. The place where one's dollar suddenly becomes quite giant, and you seem to be able to get a lot more for your dollar. Not quite quality items, but satisfactory. Here, I found canvases! I felt in a painting mood, and ended up not creating much, but it was fun just the same.

Stop Number Two
MCC! The Mennonite Central Committee Thrift Store! Going back to my roots, I searched and searched for a true mennonite deal! Here i was able to find the highlight items of my day! I found some pretty great deals on fun fabrics! I have decided to create something, not sure what yet, but something out of these threads that were woven together simply to make my heart all a-flutter.

Stop Number Three
Michaels Craft Store brought us to our final destination on this race to find the best crafty supplies. Here is what I usually print off before I head to this wonderland of craft inspiration, but this time, we went un-prepared. For as we walked into that place many know as craft central, and as we turned onto the paper aisle, a green and yellow sign caught our eyes. '3 for $1'. Three pieces of paper for a single dollar? No! this can't be! Even the clearance paper is still $0.50 each! But it was reality! A glorious reality! The fine print did say that this deal was only for the regular priced $0.99 paper, but this still gave us great options! I walked out of that store with 6 beautiful pieces of paper for a mere $2.00. That's what I call a success story!

Here are my favourite purchases of the day!

I wanted to just snuggle right into that fabric! The eyes in the background were truly accidental!

And what comes from pretty fabrics? Pretty clothes!

A pretty shirt- Urban Outfitters

A pretty dress -Forever 21


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