Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Love of Every Young Girl

So, when I was younger, i distinctly remember playing with many of my mother's paper dolls from when she was a girl. We played with all 27 sets of these, then we moved on to creating our own. I'm pretty sure the joy of the actual creating of the paper dolls was way more entertaining than playing with them. Later on, my youngest sister and I had a stage where we would cut literally nearly everything out of the Sears catalogues and use it all for playing paper dolls. We used all the Sears furniture for our paper dolls' houses, all the kitchen appliances on imaginary counters in our paper dolls' houses. We cut out outfits for all those Sears models, which meant they didn't really fit most of the time (I suppose they could have all done the same pose, but I guess Sears gets points for variety). Paper Dolls were an extremely large part of my childhood.

And what girl doesn't love paper dolls? I found some vintage paper dolls online, a definite reminder of playing with my mom's paper dolls. I don't think they'd have the same wear and tear as a set handed down from mom, but they could be fun just the same.

Apparently, Paper dolls are on a lot of people's minds. Little girls, designers, and even musicians sometimes think about paper dolls apparently!

And yes, I still love the idea of paper dolls! Today, as i saw magazines lying around the house, I decided to create a modern version of paper dolls. The idea seemed to be a lot better than the finished project, but it was fun just the same. It was inspired by the new, improved banner on the blog! (did you see it? So exciting!) I still have yet to perfect that project as well, but such are the trials of being a perfectionist and a crafter with tons of time. Ah, life is hard.

And so, the modern paper doll!

An outfit perfect for that evening party you were planning on attending.

Add a bag and flats instead to make it daytime shopping wear!

Oh you want to go that cute little market by the sea?

Or perhaps a cruise around the bay in that yacht over there?

There really is an outfit for everyone in your own, personal, imaginary closet of magazines!



  1. Kristen, you are a mad woman. You must be a wee bit bored out there! ;) p.s. I don't quite understand your naughty comment to me. Please clarify.

  2. why thank you, i appreciate you calling me mad. yes quite a bit bored. ha that comment did not make sense. the bc air is getting to me.