Sunday, November 14, 2010

Craft home.

Have you noticed the new banner and background? I thought it was nice and wintery, since winter has set in here! I have had many ask about the name of my blog, and it is NOT because I live in a place where it is summer all the time. definitely not. I actually just happen to enjoy summer, and when I think of summer, I think happy, sunny thoughts. I am an extremely optimistic person, so...


That, and it's a line from a Feist song, 'Gatekeeper'. I enjoy that song a lot.


Oh, I have missed crafting! During term break, I have been so excited to just craft and listen to Christmas music for the first time of 2010 for four days straight!

Thanks to my sister Jenni, I decided to try a new plant (my strawberry plant wasn't too ecstatic about living indoors), and so:

Presenting, sprouts!

They started out as these, wee little guys:

And thanks to warm water and a Mason Jar with cheesecloth, they're flourishing!

I think they look ravishing! I plan to eat them on a sandwich. When, you ask? No idea, but if you know of anyone who would like to eat a sandwich with sprouts as a vegetable on it, I know a sprout supplier! If you're looking to grow your own, here's some instructions I found helpful.

Onto Project numero Two: (I don't speak any other language than english. i know, i had you convinced for a second...secundo?)

Is it weird or neat? I truly do not know. It's a satchel of some sort. I was thinking of attaching an old leather belt as a long strap to it. Made out of MCC fabric and Wal-Mart fabric. No pattern necessary!

Project Three:

I'm an open book, really. I decided to take an old book a few weeks ago, wanting to create one of those secret compartment books (I was an avid Nancy Drew reader at one point, and I am pretty sure she must have used one of these). It's not finished yet. I'm about two hundred pages in. Here's how to attempt this one.

Project Four:

Just some more wall art for my dorm. I painted an old frame, and really wanted to keep some of my favourite tea boxes. Anyone who remembers Tazo African Red Bush knows what i'm talking about. Three boxes of it stashed away displays my lifelong devotion to this magical tea.

And! I promised I would display some of my tea cups. Here's a few!
Ikea find.

Ten Thousand villages. It's so textured - I love it!

Try having your own craft weekend. It's super fun.


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  1. Nice to have another crafty daughter home for the weekend. Good show on the projects!
    And Grandma also says "You're welcome" for the scarf from an earlier post.