Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I really did want to craft. I did. But, the start of a new semester holds my creative inspiration back. There will most likely be a lull in posts. My mother, on the other hand, was showing me all sorts of neat creative things the other day! Here are some blogs she showed me, and a few I found.

A very fresh Mudroom idea! - Creative ideas from a mom named Beth. And she likes decorating on a dime! My kind of crafting.

Pretty bird decor! - another creative blog from a mom who lives in the suburbs, but prefers cozy cottages. This isn't even facebook, but I'll like this blog without clicking a button.

A very neat idea with chalkboard paint! - I love the idea of chalkboard paint, but I am scared that if I actually painted something with it, it would lose its novelty. But props to Just Live Simply for trying it out!

Be Inspired! Be crafty! Be creative so I don't feel such withdrawl!



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