Monday, February 21, 2011

Season Switch

Ah, yes. sun bathing and sun-dress wearing. This may seem out of the ordinary during normal february months, where i'm used to -20 C (at least), but I'm on vacation! I'm also enjoying countless hours of HGTV. Haven't watched it lately? Well, you may want to do so. Today, is a 'Cash and Cari' marathon. A new-found show for me where Cari runs estate sales, and proclaims that there is always a treasure in every house. She also has an antique store. She often repurposes the things she finds, and while I'm not always a fan of her designs, she does find quite a few treasures! Here are a few from her page on

a cute little copper kettle!

and I had to show you something in my favourite colour! a muted teal vase? I want it!

Caution: I have found HGTV to give me severe impulses to decorate and refurbish, similar symptoms may occur for you.

Check out Cash and Cari!


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