Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Thrify Girl's Fairytale

There once was a girl with sparse amounts of financial supplements. She loved to thrift, and after a week of finding unreal deals, such as $1 books at Borders, navy pencil skirts for $2.25, and dresses at the outlets for $5, she was plum out of money.

Except for a crisp $20 bill that sat next to a worn $1 bill in her wallet. She had been saving $21 for her favourite store, forever21. At times, she had considered parting ways with this $21. After all, she had found such fantastic deals, and how could she leave such treasured items without a home? But she refrained, and held out for her favourite store.

She knew she may not find anything at forever21, but she maintained hope. And it was worth it! She flitted through the store, marvelling at the floral prints, the smocked styles, and the $8 deals!

Then, there it was. A set of pretty little earrings, just waiting for a home! And though there was a pair missing, was it worth it for less than $3? Yes, she decided! Yes, these earrings would not be left lonely any longer!

And so, along with a beautiful nautical cardigan, she purchased them! Holding onto that $21 was worth it!


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