Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Inspires!

Well, summer is setting in! Alright, that was a little lame. But it is starting to look less like winter outside, and that excites me! Today is Easter Sunday, which brings about lots of freshness and newness! The resurrection of Christ, buds on the trees, and new blog banner and background! What do you think? My sister and I put these together, and I love the banner!

Being home from college brings all sorts of newness as well. Looking for a job, having my own bathroom, and more time for crafting! Having time for the third brings me much joy! This summer, I shall garage sale like none before! Starting my crafting marathon, (and I do mean just starting. There is MUCH more to come!) I redid a frame, and I have to say, it turned out simply lovely. The gold ornament was actually on a necklace at le chateau. I was not a fan of it as a necklace, but since it was on sale, I knew it would have purpose elsewhere.

And what else do I do other than craft? Cook! Okay, I haven't actually done much of this yet. But, i was extremely inspired by a $2 cookbook. Yes! $2! A picture for every step of the recipe? Yes please!

What is Spring inspiring you to do?



  1. Wow! What a banner! That picture is sooooo nice. Spring brings more work and more class for

  2. This spring I'm really looking forward to sampling some of those tasty recipes you'll be making!!