Monday, April 25, 2011


Maybe..maybe summer is around the corner. Yes, it's only the end of April, but I can still hope right? I have been having summer dreams today. Yesterday, Spring. Today, Summer. I really don't plan on wishing for autumn tomorrow, I promise. Working in a greenhouse, I have been surrounded by beautiful plants. This seems to have induced a yearning for my favourite season much earlier in the year! Tomorrow, I plan to enjoy some sunshine. Yes, Mr. Sun, I will join you tomorrow!

Audrey Hepburn enjoyed some sun in her time. And in a classy manner as always!
photo found here.

Lemonade, oh how I love you! Best fresh squeezed in California, but I'll settle for powdered too.
photo found here.

I am not in control when I look at fun sandals. I can't help but want them!
sandals found at forever 21.

Spring, Summer... I love them both! I can want summer, even though I finally just encountered spring, right?

What are your summer desires?

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  1. I'm wanting some summer right now. I woke up to snow! ACK! Utah missed the spring memo.