Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tom, You're Neat.

Have you seen the new Toms? I'm a pretty big Toms fan. Well, Kristen in the summer of 2010 was a pretty big Toms fan. I can't say I have worn my:

Red Bridgeport Linen Classics (which I don't think are sold on their website anymore..sad day) very much yet this year,

(side note: Mine worn through at the toe, so I hand sewed a fun printed gold patch out of upholstery fabric onto it..now they're one of a kind!)

Or my Grey Hass Printed Burlap Toms (also not sold anymore) very much this year.

Both wonderful pairs, and lovely summer shoes! Also, for a great cause. Read about it here.


If I was to get another pair this summer, there are a few I do have my eye (well, both eyes actually) on. What do you think?

Fun Rope Sole! and Kenya Stripe.

Or should I spice up my life with some colour with some Lilac coloured Toms?

I know. You're as overwhelmed with the envy as I am. Perhaps Kristen of summer 2011 is a pretty big Toms fan after all..Help me decide!

Also, Starbucks employed me. It's pretty neat!

I have some garage sale-ing finds to share with you! Oh, just you wait!


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  1. Perhaps you will have to try them all on sometime