Sunday, May 22, 2011

May Lovelies

I love blogs that have regular 'feature' posts. and i love lists. So why don't I try it out? Every month, I am going to (well, I say this now. I'll see how often it actually happens) have a "Lovelies" post. I happen to think a lot of things are lovely. And I love sharing them! This is basically the idea I base my blog around, but the "Lovelies" posts will be a bit different than regular posts. They will have all sorts of links for you to browse through, not just what I'm up to. Where else to get inspiration from but other crafty people? Hopefully you'll be able to find some neat Etsy shops, pretty blogs, and doable DIY projects from the links!

And so, here we are! the Lovelies posts have begun!

Lovely Number One:

I love the movie Julie and Julia. Of course, my mom knew more about Julia Child than I did, but i think Julia's character, played by Meryl Streep, (one of the world's best actresses I'm sure) is quite entertaining! But did you know people blog about following more than just a cookbook? It's true. Gertie, a self-described 'sewing enthusiast' from New York started her blog committed to working through a Vogue vintage sewing book. I love this concept! See the entire journey on her blog.

Lovely Number Two:

I love shopping. I love having options to wear. And I love re-creating outfits out of pieces I already own. But I really love getting new clothes. I found a neat clothing company called Spotted Moth. (found through here via here. Sometimes reading blogs takes you on rabbit trails. I've accepted it) Here are a few of my favourite items from Spotted Moth. I accept gift cards or cash.

found here.

found here.

found here.

And not even too pricey either. Bonus points in my books.

Lovely Number Three:

I look at a lot of blogs. And i mean A LOT. It's hard to keep track of them all, but the one I look at most regularly is Smile and Wave. I love Rachel's style, vintage, yet so fresh. Her house tour is pretty neat. I loved it anyway.

There we have it! May lovelies.



  1. I love that pink dress!

  2. oh - fabulous dressed - they are defo on my wish list!