Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fashion Blog Find!

So, I have really found the best clothes lately. Taking pictures and sharing them will be a must... some day of course. I would love to blog all about fashion! But of course, all creations deserve attention. I really have no choice in the matter.

Of course, some people do blog all about fashion! I found a really neat blog this evening. Girl and Closet celebrates fashion at its best. Remixing clothes so they live up to their full potential. This excites thrifters like me! Remixing clothes is where it's at.

Meet Veronika. Author of Girl and Closet.
girl and closet button

Here's a bit of what she does.

But I won't go into too much detail. Please take a look for yourself!
and Goddle (I'm sure it's a word. meaning 'look upon with great envy'. You've heard of it, have you not?)

Lovely fashion, lovely lady, it seems.

Looking for more neat blogs? Well you're in luck! I have a 'Loved Blogs' tab. Scroll Up. Look about two inches from the far left of the screen. There it is. Just as I predicted. 'Loved Blogs'. Seems it's been there for some time. You've missed out, haven't you!



  1. Hello Kristen, thank you so much for this lovely shout out and it's wonderful to meet your beautiful blog!! Hope you're having a fabulous week. xx veronika

  2. Veronika's blog is amazing :) I follow her too and am in love with every outfit she creates ^^ x