Wednesday, May 25, 2011

An Introduction to my Season of Choice.

Did you know it's the end of Autumn in Australia right now? I've never been, but perhaps it's nice there. I am certainly glad it's summer right now. I happen to love summer a lot.

I could never get tired of summer. Did you know there is a movie called Summer? It's true. Doesn't look very interesting to me. However, a good summer film to watch is Water for Elephants. I enjoyed it. A sad, but probably true representation of circus life.

I have been completely enthralled with florals and stripes lately. I wish I could wear florals and stripes together every day! But then it might get boring. Ah well, I found a beautiful outfit today on Flashes of Style. Isn't it just the perfect summer outfit?

Of course, my head doesn't really accept hats. Unfortunate, I know, but I just can't seem to get them to get along. Florals, yes. Stripes, of course. Vintage bags, a must. But hats? Perhaps one day. Click on the above picture to see more of Bonnie Barton and her fantastic fashion.

I really have the best dresses to share with you. I promise to post them next week.

What is your favourite summer fashion combination? Do you have a favourite summer film to enjoy?



  1. I loved Water for Elephants...and anything with stripes is a must. I have a bunch of black in my closet so this summer I really want more color and sheers to my wardrobe.

  2. Well, I can't say I've been thinking much about summer fashion lately, but I have enjoyed wearing shorts now! I love summer a lot too, but I believe I actually prefer fall! (I know, I'm weird like that). I don't have any particular summer movies in mind, although I do have a favourite summer activity.

    Every year in Birch Hills me and my friends have a styrofoam boat race! We make custom boats from styrofoam and paper plates, cups, and bowls with egg cartons, skewers and tape! We colour them, then name them, then go out in the pouring rain and race them all down the hill the town is built on. One time we even went swimming in the ditch it was so deep!

    Anyways, I also wanted to say that I really enjoy your conversationalist style of writing, it's very enjoyable to read. Please keep it up :D