Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome.

I will be missing my blog this weekend. I will be away, and missing reading all of your blogs too! Thank you for your lovely comments! I really, truly always look forward to reading them.

Here's a neat blog for you to browse while I am away.

Mr. Taylor and His Lady writes with a fun, fresh, dry humour. I really almost laughed out loud. And that's not a hyperbole (I was helping my little sister with her English essay tonight, okay?).

The author of Mr. Taylor and His Lady (who is 'his lady' himself I presume) has decided to write 'awkward and awesome thursday' posts. I love this idea! I haven't decided if I'll join in or not, but hey, it could be fun!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. ahh, this is awesome! thanks for the blog lovin'!! and i definitely think you should join in on the fun with the 'awkward and awesome'! have fun wherever you are headed in the meantime!

  2. Oh gosh I love her blog...thanks for following. I'm following back :)

  3. i like their blog as well. lovely post!

    i just came across your blog. i think its great. i hope you will come visit mine and maybe we can follow eachother!

  4. sweet post, have a lovely weekend away! x