Monday, May 30, 2011


Back from a lovely weekend, and so happy to see I have had visitors! Hello to all new followers! I am delighted to visit your blogs as well!

Well, I was browsing through my new ReadyMade magazine, (Love this magazine, by the way. Really, you should probably get it if you don't already. You won't regret it!) and I saw these fantastic sunglasses!

Aren't they great? Made from 'sustainably harvested in Africa', and 100% UV protection! My sensitive blue eyes like this.

Also, visited a new store. Dynamite clothing. I don't love all of what they have to offer, but I did manage to buy a few new pairs of shorts. I'll share these soon. It is muggy weather today and not exactly fantastic for wearing shorts and taking pictures of them. What's the weather like where you are? I hope it's dress/shorts weather for you!

Here's some other fun finds from Dynamite clothing. (Shout out to Jenni. 'Dynamite!' isn't just an expression used when people get their eyes tested. It's actually a clothing company too!)

I sincerely thank you for all your visits! It's very nice to know there are crafty minds all around the world.



  1. those sunnies are amazing! going on the top of my wish list! :)


  2. Love those finds from dynamite clothing! that jeans blouse is wonderful! x