Thursday, June 23, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday.

Thursday comes around again. Ah, thursday. I think customers just know thursdays are super busy and choose to be super high maintenance for us on thursdays! Yes we have to charge 50c. Even if you're only getting one pump of syrup!!

-My former doctor coming into Starbucks all the time. She doesn't remember me, which is fine. But somehow I always feel like I should say something. But really, what would I say, "Hey! So I used to be your patient, but now I go to a different doctor!" Nope. Probably best to leave it as is.
-I parallel parked today. Or tried to. Always a little awkward when you're trying to get into a spot, but there is tons of traffic whizzing by. I know they're watching me fail at parking. I know it.

-New CD in my possession! Fleet Foxes. Have you heard them? Please do so here.
-New Glasses almost in my possession! I will try and post some photos once I get them. They're super fun!
-Going for coffee (actually tea..cause they didnt have soy milk or ice for a beverage) with my good friend, Erin (this was always on the awesome list. No matter what Erin says).
-A new playlist on my Ipod. I found a bunch of songs I didn't know I had in my itunes, and put them all together on a sweet playlist. Hey! I'll share some of it with you! Why not?

Lull - Andrew Bird
Ivy and Gold - Bombay Bicycle Club
The Fight - Sia (listen past the first 20 creeped me out, so i never listened past that point for quite some time!)
C'est la mort - The Civil Wars
Gobbledigook - Sigur Ros
Halflight- The Meligrove Band (this is the live version..couldn't find the non-live version)
New Heights - A Fine Frenzy

Hope you can find some new music you enjoy!

And a photo just for you. I am into these fantasy garden spaces lately. If only, right?



  1. I love the picture! Books are great :)
    I'll check out the songs later!

  2. First of all, new Fleet Foxes album is THE BEST. Also Bombay Bicycle Club- good choice. And you probably should have added seeing me today to your awesome list.