Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekend Prelude.

Crazy days at work. And I think it will be a busy weekend too!

Sometimes I type in random words into the search box of Pinterest and see what photos come to me. Since I'm feeling busy, this is what came up when i typed 'busy'.

Kind of fun i think. And I have been enjoying Apartment Therapy tonight as well. Have you checked out the website? Click on the link below the picture. Enjoy your weekend! What are your plans?



  1. i think that "busy" room is awesome! i love the bike hanging up!

  2. Browsing through Apartment Therapy websites make my heart tickle, and cause lots of envy. You see, I still live with my family in a house. I am limited to a bedroom, which is my creative space, but also my dwelling, and place of messy habits.

    I see these apartments, and I wish for better things.. One day!!

    hope to hear from you*!