Saturday, June 4, 2011

Best. Cake. Ever.

Happy Birthday Kristen! Why thank you Kristen.

My parents were very funny when I had supper with my family yesterday. My sister and I were celebrating our birthdays together, and they bring out an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen! I love ice cream cake, especially from DQ! And since becoming lactose intolerant, I have often craved this very treat. Then my dad, who apparently is quite the actor, says, "Oh. It's ice cream. Kristen can't have ice cream!" I promise, I only believed them for a second that they forgot. Then they brought out a second cake! This one made completely of dairy free sorbet! And it was so good! Mango and Raspberry sorbet. It's like eating fruit! My very own birthday cake! I shared it. Aren't I generous? I mean, i could definitely eat a whole cake by myself...for sure...

Thank you Jerry's for thinking of us folk who can't enjoy real ice cream!


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  1. best part of this, happy birthday kristen, why thank you kristen. talking in 3rd person is really in these days.