Friday, June 10, 2011


I love June! June is the best. Not only because it has my birthday, but also because it has the best weather! I love summer sun dresses, and happen to buy a lot of them. I think this is my favourite one as of late!

Dress: Superstore. Belt: thrifted. Cardigan: Urban Outfitters.
photo credit: Jenni.

My sister Jenni and I think America's Next Top Model is pretty cool. Anyone else pumped that Brittani won?

Jenni and I happen to think we would be fantastic top models. We could totally win it. I mean, all we need is a camera and a fantastic back-yard right?

photo credit: Jenni.

Here are our "ugly-pretty faces".

photo credit: Jenni

As you can see, I happen to be very happy about this nice weather.
photo credit: Jenni.

Okay, I guess I will settle for hanging out in the sun rather than be a top model. Think these photos are fantastic? Well, so is my sister. Check out her blog here.


  1. Haha overload on the promotional credit! thanks

  2. I started writing "I'm not sure what ANTM means" and as soon as I started I figured it out. But either way, those are really nice outfits and nice pictures!

  3. Impressive jump! Thanks for the comment.