Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Lovelies.

It is time for June Lovelies!
I would like to share three categories of June lovelies: music, fashion and photos.


So this is a little embarrassing. I want to share this song I found with you, so I took a picture of the itunes card i found it on. And I realize I look pretty much the exact same as yesterday (minus the super sweet glasses!)...so just wanted to clear up a few things.

1. I do not sit on my couch all the time. I simply have left my computer here the last while.

2. This is my only shirt where I have two in the same colour. And it is a VERY rare occurrence for me to wear it one day after wearing the other. It bothers me, it really does. My goodness, I hope I display fashion sense on a post sometime soon! This is becoming appalling.

Now I feel better! So check out the song Beautiful Trash feat. Megan Washington, by Lanu! I like it.

Did anyone else pick up this freebie of a song a while back at Starbucks? This week, it's the song Calgary by Bon Iver! So get on down to your local Starbucks and get a free song! (They didn't pay me to say this. I only take a pay cheque for creating beverages, I promise!)


I have been really into the lace dress lately! Here's a few photos of ones I wouldn't mind picking up somewhere.

Aren't they lovely? The last one is from Zara and on sale! But it's found via the UK Zara. I can't find it on the Canadian one!


Perfect. That is all.



  1. ok wow the lace dress is gorgeous - so feminine! Pretty pretty. And I also really need that bike in the last picture :) Thanks for the song suggestion - I can't wait to check it out and see what else you suggest!

  2. lace dresses! I would die without them! they are so beautiful :) I have a white one, and a blush pink lace top :) both from H&M... I think it really sucks you don't have an H&M! I'm so used to having one, uh, 7 nearby. But then you probably have other chainstores like F21 and Charlotte ruche, which I would LOVE to have too! x

  3. I love lace dresses! They always looks so pretty. Love the pink/purple one very much!
    If I see laced dresses in a shop it is so hard not to buy it :)

  4. ah, here I am again, just noticed you left me another comment (I'm catching up, internet was down for 3 days after lightning struck the main cabinet, anywhoo) Yes my blogbanner is new ^^ I was so tired of the baby blue and golden theme! I needed some fresh summer colors ^^ and I got some really nerdy new glasses, haha ^^ going to check your blog if i can spot yours ^^ x

  5. I love the offwhite lace one! If I get to a Zara while in Europe this month and I happen to find this dress.. maybe you will receive a surprise gift from me when I come back! (Well now it isn't a surprise that I just told you..)
    Also.. this is the same shirt you wore when we were at Collective Coffee last week.. I am starting to get the impression you wear the same shirt everyday?