Monday, July 25, 2011

Busy Bee.

I'm a busy bee. A busy bee I tell you! And not just because these pictures are in the garden. I'm working lots, and just put in my notice to leave good ol' Starbucks to go back to school. I am getting excited for my projects for my dorm room!

I took some pictures for a guest post on Mr. Taylor and His Lady that's coming up, but it's also going to be an outfit post for my readers for today! Double the fun!

top: bootlegger.
necklace: handmade.
belt: bluenotes.
fancy pants: Vero Moda.
shoes: Aldo.

I love these shoes! They have like a 1/4 inch heel, so they make a nice clicky sound, but are super comfortable!

These pants are fun to wear too.

Do you have any outfits that are just fun to wear? These pants and shoes are on the top of my list for sure.



  1. I have a feeling from this post that you are buying into the 90's trend...oh Trist. By the by, grab a button from my blog and post it on yours and I'll teach you how to make one!

  2. Cute! I love the pants! I don't have anything like them, and I'm not sure that they would look good on me but they look cute on you! I'm excited for your guest post :)

    Notes She Wrote

  3. Such an adorable summer outfit - you're just too cute! So glad I came across your blog. You seem so sweet :)

  4. So cute - the pants look so comfy! An all around great casual look for summer! :) And you just made me crave a frappuccino :)