Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Collection of Sorts.

Hello friends! And for those who are enjoying the Collections Blog Tour, from Elegant Musings, also welcome!

I think there is something wonderful about having something from another time. No one else can be there again, but yet, YOU have a piece of it! Quite lovely, I'd say.

I have tea cups from another era, but I also have been fortunate enough to find some beautiful new tea cups and tea pots that I hope will become vintage favourites eventually! I collect tea cups and pots, well..because I love tea! I also collect tea, and drink it too of course!

Would you take a browse a bit of my collection with me?

This very unique cup is from Ten Thousand Villages. A fairtrade store that purchases crafts from all around the world, and sells them in North America! Check it out. Isn't that leaf imprint wonderful?

These sunny yellow beauties were brought back from my sister from the East Coast. They're made to look like crushed paper cups. How neat!

The same sister also bought me this set for Christmas. Apparently I am predictable to buy for. This ethic elephant set is not from somewhere ethnic..but pretty just the same! I love the blue-grey shade.

A classic, toffee brown tea pot. But my youngest sister crocheted me a tea-cozy to keep my tea warm! She even added a cute yellow button.

Ah, yellow again. It's actually not my favourite colour, but I think it might become mine! These mustard-hued cups and saucers are just from Ikea, but picked out by my boyfriend. Nicely done.

This one's my favourite! It's from my grandma, and simply beautiful!

Oh, I could show you many more, but I decided to just display a few of my favourites. Are you an avid tea nerd too? What do you sip from?



  1. Ah. That rose cup was always a favourite of mine in our earlier days. But the straw draw simply couldn't be helped.

  2. I too love tea, but I'm pretty low-key in my cups. I have a couple of mugs that I really adore and I kinda freak out if anyone else wants to use them!

    I love that elephant set! I've never seen anything like it.

  3. What a lovely collection you have. I like that it includes old and new. That cup with the leaf design is very pretty.

  4. I drink quite a lot of tea, and like to change between different sets (I inherited several small sets of saucers and cake plates from my gran when she died). So depending om my mood I change around. Would love to buy some new different mugs, there is so many pretty in the shops at the moment, but sadly my bank account think I should just be contend;)

  5. I love your collections! I have 2 teapots, but when (if ever!) I get a bigger place, I see that collection growing!

  6. That elephant teapot is so cool! I only have 1 teapot right now, but I keep seeing ones I like, so I'm sure that number will grow.

  7. i felt the SAME WAY about cake pops! they looked so commercial but are so surprisingly amazing. haha. oh and this is an amazing collection, by the way