Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inspiration Overload.

Well, first of all, are looking at blogs taking over my evenings?

They might be. But! It causes such inspiration. Oh my...let me tell you! I've been noticing a few things.


I've been thinking about is having more regular features. I already have the 'Lovelies' feature, once a month. (Just look for the tag Lovelies..or, to be simple, click here).

I would really like to create more regular features. Keep things organized, keep me from babbling on. So as soon as I come up with those, I will announce them!


Also, I have really appreciated seeing who other bloggers are. It's so nice when they tell where they've been, the things that consume their day-to-day lives. Don't you agree?

I really don't have much about myself in the 'About Me' page. Mostly just things I like to do.
So who is kristen?
Well. I am a Starbucks Barista currently. I have a fantastic family, and a pretty swell boyfriend. I believe God has created a lot of beauty, and blogging is such a fantastic way to share that. I live in the prairies of Canada. Yes, it may be quite flat, but also very beautiful. Hot summers, cold winters. (And no, I don't live in an igloo). I am fairly talkative, extremely optimistic, and a little reserved with non-pleasant emotions. Please email me if you have any burning questions about the oh-so-exciting life of kristen.


It's really a win-win situation to have beautiful photos. I try, but I don't consider myself gifted in that area, so, if anyone would care to share their photos on my blog, PLEASE let me know! I would be extremely honoured! And hey, become a follower if you like. Or Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Ah. Thanks for listening. Now a treat!

Jenni and I made cute little lace and felt flowers.
I found the idea for the felt flower here.

And I found tea crates at a garage sale!

I did a little research (googled it) on Browne and Ashley Tea Company, not much I could find. One thing I did find was that someone was selling this same shelf on Ebay for $10! 50 cents was my fantastic deal!

Does anyone know who the Browne and Ashley Tea Company is?

I'm going garage sale-ing tomorrow and hope to share some lovely finds! I can't wait! What does your weekend consist of?



  1. Me and my sister have gone garage-sailing a few times after work recently, not great luck, but she managed to snag a sweet plate for $0.50 (it was filthy, but it all washed off) and I got taboo for $3! No weekend plans though. I'm just going to chill.