Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Garden Party.

Isn't the sound of that just magical? That's what my younger sister Hannah and I wanted to create for my sister for her birthday. Though it threatened to rain, we set up a small party in our backyard.

The flag banner was very easy to make! Just a template, some fun patterned paper, and a team of two.

The party was complete with fruit, cheesecake, and gifts,

and some impromptu dancing!

Those wildflower bouquets? Yep, hand picked from the neighbors alleys. Jenni knows all about the art of flower stealing.

So those flag banners? Apparently, they're called pennants.

Any garden parties in your future?



  1. This is just all sorts of beautiful!!!!!! Please come over and throw one for me!! Wildflowers?! I die. So glad I found your little blog here, happy happy to meet you! :) :) :)

  2. This is such a coincidence ! I have been in attendance of 2 garden parties since being in germany. My welcome bbq when I got here was in the garden and was ever so lovely and then this morning me and my german friends had a breakfast pot luck in the garden! :) Garden party unit meeting in fall? yea?