Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Bag. and its insides.

My purse. I love my purse. Though I usually call it my bag. I have this thing where I don't like saying the word purse. It's like fork, not a pleasant word. It was cheap ($7 folks. I'm a deal-finder). it is falling apart, but I love it. You get to see inside of it today! I literally dumped it out, and this is it. All the secrets of my bag, lying on the floor. Have a look at a little slice of me!

I saw this idea for a post on a few blogs, but I really can't remember whose. So if you did this on your blog, the credit for the idea probably goes to you!

Now just follow the numbers! It's like paint-by-numbers, but looking by numbers. (I should not post on days when I'm up at 5:40am, sorry friends!).

1. sunnies - my favourite pair broke, and is in my car right now. Want to know a secret? I love them so much, I perch them on my nose as I drive. They will...not...die. The pair in my purse are secondary (fixed with a paperclip. My, I do sound sad)

2. wallet - all the way from Granville Island in Vancouver! I love it.

3. lip gloss - from bath and body works. delicious. its minty. doubles as a snack (just kidding).

4. free song/pick of the week - from my place of employment. Oh..actually, today was my last day. My career at Starbucks is over. I'm sad.

5. Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion - also from Bath and Body works. makes my hands lusciously soft!

6. Lacteeze pills - these don't even work for my lactose intolerance anymore. They're just an emergency measure. Soy it is!

7. keys- so i can get places. see that keychain flip-flop? probably from when I was 12. I'm so nostalgic.

8. A cork - from a sparkling apple juice bottle last year. Cause I'm cheesy.

9. Burt's Bees - My roommate from my first year of College knows I lost this little tin too many times to count! But always managed to find it again. Where would I be without Burt? Anyone else a die-hard Burt's fan?

10. A comb - for those fly-away's.

11. Ipod - cause I love my tunes.

12. Mint - emergency material

13. Phone - my trusty little Samsung. Yes, it's a little old, but it works wonderfully. Probably will become vintage soon, that will make it real cool.

14. Tide-to-Go - Oh dear, I couldn't live without this. Teryaki sauce? Tide-to-Go. Cherry juice? Tide-to-Go. It's magic!

15. Shopping List - I'm a list person.

16. A pile of papers -cause it takes a while before I throw out receipts.

17. The bag! I'll have an outfit post with this soon.

Does this give you a glimpse of me? I hope it does. I think it's so fun to see which items are attached to people. What's in your wallet...I mean purse?

I've been a busy bee...many projects to be posted soon. I really hope! If i ever finish all my half started ones! I move to school in three days. Time to get packing!



  1. that purse is cute and so is the wallet!

  2. your numbers idea is so cute & creative!