Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Lovelies.

Ah August. You greet me with mysterious weather and shorter days. Doesn't it feel like the days suddenly got super short? I went outside at 8:30 last night, and it was pretty much dark already. What is the deal, sun?

Here are my favourites as of lately.

1. Blogs

Looking for some blogs to read? Here are a few (of many) I read lately.

The Ginger Diaries: fashion and travels from a lovely lady in Belgium.
The Daybook: laughs and fashion all bundled up into one.
Three For the Road: a fashionable mom with a cute little boy and another on the way.
Oh Renee Design: a fashionable lady who enjoys vintage finds. kindred spirits!
Smile and Wave and A Beautiful Mess: two of the Red Velvet girls. Vintage finds at their best!

2. Back to school clothes.

I already posted my list of what I want in my fall wishlist post, but of course, I found more!

This dress at Threadcase. the prettiest I have ever seen (this week)!
This navy blazer. it could go with so many outfits!
This cute nautical bag. Forever21 delivers!

3. Fall-inspired Food

Just because I am currently hungry (eating lunch at 11am is not my favourite. Messes me up), here is some delicious looking food. I is still summer, but I love anything pumpkin! I had somebody today ask if we had the Pumpkin Spice syrup yet. I'm not the only one thinking ahead!

I am trying to enjoy the last while of summer, though it is unusually windy and moody weather today (poured, was sunny, and now is cloudy again). Tell me, what does your August entail? Holidays? Work? Sunshine? Rain?



  1. Ahem. Where is mine on your favourite list?? Excuuuse me. jokes as always. I love pumpkin.

  2. great post girl! thanks for sharing all new blogs for me to read! and yes, august has been a weird month. it also has gone by soo fast!!

  3. OH, thank you for listing me! ^^ I appreciate your love and you immer sweet comments :) and I can't wait to bake apple pies with cinnamon. My grandparents have an apple tree in their back yard and that makes it even better ^^ x

  4. this looks so yummy.
    cute blog