Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fall Wish List.

August is nearly halfway over. I know that's not the optimistic thought you would like to hear, but it's true. And it kind of makes me excited for fall! There is a confused tree that I see driving to work that is already completely yellow. Maybe it's just one of those trees that doesn't like the heat of summer, so it's changing things up. 'Hey, maybe if I turn yellow faster, the seasons will change to my liking!' (I haven't heard the tree say this, but if it could, it would).

And with fall comes a change of wardrobe! Here's what's on my fall wish list.
1. A mustard cardigan
2. Really nice leather ankle boots.
3. Burgandy tights.
4. a navy, felt coat.
5. A lace dress
6. A pair of well-fitted high waisted pants.
7. More feather headbands!

Miss Selfridge lace dress
£45 -

Dorothy Perkins hooded cape coat
£62 -

Velvet coat
$150 -

TopShop high waisted pants
$76 -

ASOS lace up bootie
$60 -

Leather booties
£16 -

Dorothy Perkins peacock hair accessory
£13 -

What's on your autumn wish list?



  1. that dress is perfect! i've missed those neutral fall colors!

  2. All of those items are perfect, I adore the velvet coat :)

  3. All of those items are gorgeous!
    Out of those, the navy coat and the lace dress are both on my Autumn Buy list :)

    Your blog is so cute! I've followed!
    Visit my blog? I've just made it today but I'd love to have a blog like yours made up, hopefully :)

  4. cute wishlist! cant wait for fall.