Saturday, September 3, 2011

A beautiful week.

I can't even begin to describe how wonderful school is! I haven't started classes yet, as this last week was leadership week, and I have the wonderful opportunity to be a resident assistant in the dorm. So the students were minimal this last week, which made us grow so close! I got to spend a week with six of the most wonderful ladies I know, learning lots about each other, about God, eating picnics, and jumping in fields, Here is a little peek at a prairie September, and my week! 

photo credits go out to Vanessa! (and though Erin's creations aren't on here, she's pretty talented in photos too!)



  1. that sounds like fun it almost makes me miss school :). i also love the picture where you're all jumping, so cute!

  2. These are some beautiful photos, I love great weeks they make everything better.

  3. From what I see in the picture you had lots of fun! Good for you!

    God Bless you!!


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