Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Have a seat.

Hello there! It's your friend, Kristen, the college student/blogger. Which means I'm so busy all the time. I started classes today, which are fantastic. I love school. And now, I finally have a chance to post one of my favourite re-do's! I found this chair for $5 at a garage sale, and with a little leftover fabric from garden aprons my mom was making, and some leftover blue-grey paint, It turned out very cute!

The out-dated chair before:

And, after!

I love it. It fits in nicely with my dorm decor, which I will share soon! What are your crafting projects as of late?



  1. good luck with the new school year

  2. i LOVE what you've done with the chair girl! good luck with school!!


  3. Oh wow you did an awesome job with the chair, looks great! My most recent crafty project was making a sock monkey (I even made him a little tuxedo jacket and bow tie out of felt :')
    Hope you're having a lovely week m'dear!

  4. That chair looks so pretty after you gave it a make-over. Well done girl! x