Monday, September 12, 2011

School. School. School!

I have been so busy! School is wonderful though! I love bible college! I'd love to give you a snapshot of my crazy weeks in pinterest photos!

1. Auditions. I had the lovely opportunity to audition for two drama productions, and was able to get a part in the second semester play, as a church secretary! I'm super excited for this part, as there are only 3 parts in the play, and will start rehearsals in November.

Wouldn't this be a fun stage to preform on?

2. Cafe. At the college I'm at, I get to be a part of a committee that puts on a 'coffee shop' on weekends.  We don't have a permanent location yet, so setting up every weekend gets a little tiring, but that's alright. I love it, and I realize I miss my job at Starbucks!

Source: via Fleur on Pinterest

3. Classes. Learning about what I believe is really important to me. Being stretched, growing, and getting to be a part of a community that all believes the same thing, it's the best! And I've decided to take TESOL courses this year! which makes me super excited! I'm also a residence assitatant..yep, it all adds up, I'm definitely feeling busy!

I would love to sit and do homework in here!

4. I'm trying to get ready to teach piano lessons again. I love teaching, and can't wait to start again! Just need to get organized!

Source: via Ashlee on Pinterest

What does your week look like?


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  1. that living room looks so comfy and yet so alive! it is condusive for learning and not just lazing around in! love the splash of yellow!