Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A crafty organization trick.

If you were to hear the word autumn, and say a beverage that goes with it, what would you say? I would say apple cider. And secondly, tea! One of my dear friends asked me the other day, when did you start loving tea so much? And I honestly can't remember. I know I took it to school nearly every day of grade eleven, but I don't remember the birth of my tea obsession. Ah well. I must be just getting old (haha). 

As of now, I have a nice collection of loose-leaf teas, as well as a plethora of filterbag options as well. Hosting tea parties here in the dorm is one of my favourite things, because to think I could drink all of that tea myself is a little insane. As much as I love tea. 

Here is my collection as of right now. I just updated it with chalkboard labels! So handy, as my teas in the jars change every so often, so I can just wipe it clean and re-write! The chalkboard paper came in an adhesive roll from Dollarama (one of my favourite, though guilty, indulgences. Who indulges in a dollar store? This lady does). 

Erin, my good friend and world traveller, painted hers with chalkboard paint. She labelled her tea in German, because she is just that exotic. 

Elsie of A Beautiful Mess did something very similar as a party favour idea, and with names of guests. See it here.

What's your favourite beverage of autumn?


  1. Such a cute idea! I love using jars to store the silliest things from jexwelry to sea shells! x

  2. so cute! what a great idea!!! thanks for the idea girl!
    xo TJ

  3. this is really cool!! i love drinking tea <3

  4. These are so cute, what a fantastic idea! x